Triple H Reveals The Future Of 205 Live?

Triple H recently did an interview with Newsweek to promote NXT’s move to the USA Network. During the interview, he revealed that 205 Live will begin to sit under the NXT umbrella.

So 205 Live will sit under the NXT umbrella?

“You’ll start to see 205 begin to. I think it always existed as an island onto itself, a little bit, and it’s become lost in this limbo. You’ll begin to see it move more towards the NXT banner and the talent there. We have a lot of talent. For them to begin to compete either open against anyone or in the cruiserweight division, but have that title sit under the NXT brand is more meaningful. It creates more opportunities for more people.”

While the statement doesn’t exactly answer everyone’s questions about the future of the weekly show, it looks like the Cruiserweight Championship and the cruiserweights may be associated more with NXT soon at the very least.


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