Turning Roman Reigns Heel, Is Vince McMahon Crazy?, Upcoming Raw Title Shot, Will Orton Win?

Isn’t the timing of Roman Reigns’ heel turn off? He had finally gotten over as a babyface and would have been over like rover after his surprise return at SummerSlam. Am I wrong?

I completely get the argument Roman Reigns was finally over as a babyface so why pick now as a heel? But I am so glad they did. The stuff with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman has turned into one of my favorite things to watch each week on SmackDOwn. It is over and will only be enhanced when WWE is able to bring the live audience back. I have not heard the reason for the timing. I know Roman wanted to turn heel and his return provided the opportunity. WWE would have faced an uphill climb to get Reigns over as a babyface again, as people were already lining up to bash his return at SummerSlam.

Is Vince McMahon crazy?

Ha, what is the best way to answer this question? Vince McMahon is one of the most interesting people that has ever existed. He is a workaholic, with 100% of his energy and efforts going to his business. We can debate his moral compass, politics and everything else to no end but one thing is for sure – Vince is committed. Allow me to share a compliment and a concern. Despite all of the controversy surrounding McMahon, he must be respected and revered as the best professional wrestling promoter of all-time. I don’t think anyone else will ever come anywhere close. He made this business what it is today. I respect him for that and respect his worth ethic. My biggest concern with Vince is he is a 75-year-old man who pretends to be in touch with pop culture in 2020. As a result – WWE has struggled to create characters and storylines that engage the audience and they have lost fans as a result. Vince has done a lot right – even in recent years – but the key to success in this business is creating entertaining characters in entertaining storylines. This is what holds the key to another professional wrestling “boom.”

What happened to Shayna Baszler getting a shot at the WWE Raw Women’s Championship?

WWE changed directions with Shayna Baszler and decided to put the Women’s Tag Team Championship on her with Nia Jax. She at one point was set to challenge Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship. WWE is running through title challengers too quickly in my opinion, with hot shot programs with Mickie James and now Zelina Vega.

What are the chances Randy Orton goes over for WWE Championship at Clash of Champions on Sunday?

The chances Randy Orton wins the WWE Championship at Clash of Champions on Sunday are good. In fact, I think he has to be favored. Speculation suggests WWE made the WWE Championship match an Ambulance Match to protect McIntyre. We have talked about Orton having one of the best runs of his career lately, so it will only be fitting to conclude his program with Drew McIntyre as WWE Champion. The only thing I could see stopping an Orton title reign would be the involvement of Keith Lee. I don’t see WWE strapping Lee right now but that is the only thing I see stopping an Orton reign.

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