Update On CM Punk’s Return To Television

Back in August, Richard reported here on Wrestle Pages that CM Punk was in potential talks to return to an on-air role on FS1. The rumor at the time was that this would be a WWE Produced show that he would be hosting in studio. We now have some more information on this story.

According to Mike Johnson at PWInsider, CM Punk was at FOX Studios earlier this week to perform several screen tests with Renee Young for the FOX Sports Produced show “Backstage” that begins airing on FS1 November 5th, 2019. This information HAS been confirmed by multiple sources from within WWE.

While this is reported to be confirmed, we would also like to mention that Punk is NOT the only former and/or current talent to do these series of tests. Taz, Paige, Rey Mysterio, and Sean Waltman (X-PAC) have also completed the same screen tests. Screen testing is a formality that is done in the TV and Movie Industry to test on screen chemistry between personalities. It is not unusual to perform these with multiple participants.

It should also be noted that WWE and FOX both announced yesterday that Renee Young and Booker T would be the official broadcast team, with Renee being the Lead:

While it is being reported as well that this would mean Punk’s return to WWE, it should be noted that this show is NOT being produced by WWE, but rather by FOX Sports. Therefore, if Punk is involved in any way, he would NOT be considered a WWE talent. Also, rumors that he has tried out for WWE are NOT confirmed. We will be following this story as more develops.


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