Vince McMahon Has Different Mindset Regarding Booking Of Older WWE Superstars

Anything that takes place in WWE goes through Vince McMahon before being approved for the fans to see. This has resulted in booking decisions that have not been received well by fans. The general consensus is that WWE does not build younger Superstars and the older wrestlers get far more attention.

McMahon’s idea regarding the booking of older Superstars has undergone a change over the years. The current faces of the company would have been too old for McMahon in the past, but he is fine with them now.

On Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed McMahon’s change of mindset. He said that owing to Vince McMahon being in his 70’s, someone in their 40’s does not seem as old as they used to for him. He mentioned how McMahon tried to drive Hogan out of the spotlight and gave focus to Tom McGhee, Bret Hart, and the Ultimate Warrior when Hulk Hogan still could have competed in the squared circle.


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