Vince McMahon On Low Ratings, AEW & NXT Rebounding, Heyman’s Firing

Vince McMahon took questions from investors during a conference call held on Thursday after WWE released their second quarter earnings.

While the majority of these calls are to discuss aspects that influence the company’s stock price (i.e. business details more useful for stockholders and analysts most of you could not care less about), there were some things fans might find of note.

  • Vince addressed the soft ratings situation. Vince explained a live audience is an integral part of their product. However, he admitted they can have more compelling storylines and characters.
  • McMahon has not decided for sure on another event in Saudi Arabia this year but with the COVID-19 pandemic, he does not believe it will happen.
  • The initial reaction to the free tier of the WWE Network has been great and the company is working to convert free users to paid subscribers.
  • Vince was asked why AEW Dynamite and WWE NXT have “bounced back” better than Raw and SmackDown during the situation with COVID-19. The same caller asked about the firing of Paul Heyman and whether or not Triple H can help on Raw and/or SmackDown. Vince explained AEW and NXT adapted better ratings wise because they are new. However, Raw and SmackDown are trying to appeal to youth more now. McMahon never directly answered the Heyman question, explaining Triple H is helping with all shows.


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