Vince McMahon Reportedly Dropped Storyline With Tucker & Otis

There are many storylines that WWE plans and as is usually the case, some storylines are abruptly dropped and not followed through. It seems this is what happened with Tucker and Otis being separated.

As suggested by various reports, Vince McMahon no longer has any interest in Otis and Tucker and has cooled down on them. The two were abruptly split up with no plans of following up on it. According to a report by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the storyline was dropped by McMahon and it is unlikely it will be picked up again.

“He was treated like the jobber of jobbers so he’s deader faster after the Otis split up than was hinted to me. The angle was shot to get the briefcase off Otis with no plans of building an Otis vs. Tucker feud, and was just a way out and dropped.”

Otis remains on Friday Night SmackDown while Tucker was drafted to Monday Night RAW. Tucker lost in a squash match to Ricochet on Monday, while Otis went under to Seth Rollins in a Survivor Series qualifying match on Friday.


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