Vince McMahon’s Replacement, Will Lesnar Return To WWE?, Talent Concerns, Non-Competes Ending

Vince McMahon will be 75-years-old next month. Do you not feel it’s time for Triple H to take over the reigns?

Change at the top is inevitable in WWE as Vince McMahon is getting older. However, I will caution anyone who believes it is 100% guaranteed Triple H will come in and fill that role. The most likely scenario will see Hunter, Stephanie and Shane assuming different roles in the company if approved by the company’s board of directors to takeover for Vince. There is also a possibility of Vince selling majority ownership to another party, who could look to significantly shake things up. Some people believe Triple H at the top will make everything better and while I agree Vince has lost touch in certain aspects, his impact should not be downplayed. Vince has guided WWE to immense success and any transition will have bumps in the road.

When will Brock Lesnar return to WWE?

There are plans for Brock Lesnar to return to WWE. Next month’s SummerSlam pay-per-view was rumored to be a target date but with the event taking place from the Performance Center and no fans in attendance, that could delay things. Brock’s deal with WWE allows him to work per shot at a premium rate, a rate WWE may not want to spend while trying to wade through the COVID-19 pandemic.

I just read about Kevin Owens going to Vince McMahon about concerns over COVID-19 and essentially ushering in the company’s mask policy. Is this typical of Vince to be so receptive?

Vince McMahon is more approachable than his reputation would suggest. Talent often pitch things to him whether or it be an issue like that of Owens or in regards to their character. Vince actually respects people more who stand up to him or have the courage to speak out. It does not mean he will always listen, a lot of times Vince is going to do what he wants. However, he is the type of person that will run over others who do not stand up for themselves.

With WWE letting go a number of stars back in April, do you have a list of talent who will see non-compete clauses expire from their deals this month?

Yes, you are correct. Several WWE stars that were released by the company in April will be eligible to work elsewhere this week. Those names include Kurt Angle, Heath Slater, Rusev, Zack Ryder, Eric Young, Luke Gallows, Curt Hawkins, Karl Anderson, Lio Rush, EC3, Drake Maverick, Aiden English, Maria Kanellis, Mike Kanellis, Erick Rowan and Epico.

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