Wade Barrett On What It Would Take For Him To Make In-Ring Return

Wade Barrett returned to WWE after many years away from the company. However, he signed a contract to work as a commentator on NXT instead of being a wrestler.

Barrett spoke to Digital Spy, where the topic of an in-ring return came up. He said that if he did make an in-ring return, he would be “chasing the sunset” of his active career. He could not win WWE Championship during his previous run in WWE, so he would like to accomplish that. If he is given that opportunity, then he might lace up his boots once again.

In truth if I was to come back as a full-time in-ring guy, I really would be chasing the sunset of my career. I don’t think there’s that many more years left in me. So the question is, what would I want to achieve?

The only thing I didn’t achieve in WWE that I always wanted to achieve was to become the WWE Champion, and that title is now held by an old friend of mine, Drew McIntyre. So taking him on for that title is something that certainly might tempt me back for a match or two.”

Anything is possible in professional wrestling, so we will have to see if he returns to the squared circle one day.


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