Warhorse Credits His Fans For Getting TNT Title Shot On AEW Dynamite

Warhorse will make his debut with All Elite Wrestling on tonight’s episode of Dynamite in a match against Cody for the TNT Championship.

Warhorse, the character of 27-year-old Jake Parnell, is the reigning IWTV Independent Wrestling Champion. Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated spoke to him prior to his match against Cody.

“I’ll be head banging like nobody’s business on TNT,” said Parnell. “People are going to see independent wrestling is alive and well. That’s the most important part of this match to me. Indie wrestling is going to rise to the occasion.”

Warhorse credits his fans on social media for getting him the title defense against Cody.

“None of this happens without my fans,” said Parnell. “People kept getting louder and louder, and they kept blowing up Cody about the match. Them getting riled up and fired up got me on television.”

It is unknown if Warhorse will carry the IWTV title belt to the ring but he wants a chance to cut a promo on Dynamite.

“I’ll be looking for a mic as soon as I walk in the building,” said Parnell. “My personality, that is how I have a connection with the fans. And I’ve got a lot to say.”

Click here to read the complete interview with Sports Illustrated.


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