When Top WWE Star Will Retire, How Ryback Never Got Over Backstage, Dark Order Or Retribution, Wrestlers Read Dirt Sheets

Any idea on when Rey Mysterio plans to call it a career?

Rey Mysterio is in the latter stage of his career. He is 45 years old and wants to go until he is 50. One of his goals at this point is to help get Dominik over and set him up for a future career in the business. Mysterio recently re-signed with WWE and is hoping to finish his career in the company.

Why does Ryback have so much heat with WWE Superstars? I just read a Twitter exchange between him and Dolph Ziggler. However, this seems like a common occurrence with him.

Ryback never got over in the locker room. He had some friends, like Chris Jericho, who liked him and wanted to work with him, however, the majority did not. CM Punk was the most vocal about how difficult it was to work with Ryback, essentially labeling him as reckless. Ryback always believed he was worthy of a bigger push than he got and has super thin skin when it comes to criticism. This is actually pretty typical in regards to a performer who receives his or her first big push. Ryback’s attitude developed during the “Feed Me More” run when WWE was trying to make him another Goldberg. Booker T once said you have to get over in the locker room first. No truer words have been spoken.

Which faction do you think has the more wasted potential – AEW’s Dark Order or WWE’s Retribution? Both were cool ideas but had a very underwhelming start with only one or two moments where it looked like something would happen only for nothing to really happen.

The Dark Order has not had the run they could have had but Retribution is way worse. I do not say that as a WWE hater either. Almost everyone destroyed Retribution out of the gate when they looked at them like a group modeled after Antifa but I gave them a chance. The group flopped big and even with a few bright segments, the logic gap combined with horrible names and gimmicks, it would be better for the plug to be pulled in its entirety. The travesty of it all is Mustafa Ali finally getting something and being relegated to this. He had a great match last night against Ricochet.

Do WWE and AEW stars read dirt sheets?

Yes, talent from both companies read articles that are posted about them. This website received communication from a WWE Superstar over the weekend regarding an article they disagreed with. It used to be talent would deny having anything to do with websites outside of the official entities but that just is not true. It was not then and it certainly isn’t now.

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