Where WWE Missed On McAfee vs. Cole, How Wrestlers Hide Under The Ring, Big NXT Injury Blow, CM Punk In WWE & Raw Underground

We saw Pat McAfee show up on NXT this week to continue his program with Adam Cole, offending Beth Phoenix in the process. What do you make of the angle?

WWE hit a home run with Adam Cole on Pat McAfee’s show several weeks ago. Literally everyone was talking about Cole’s blow-up with even non-wrestling fans sharing the segment on social media. They had a great foundation to resume a rivalry that began in 2018. The misstep was when Triple H appeared on McAfee’s show and more or less confirmed it was a work by inviting Pat to NXT. It was almost like WWE could not help themselves in making sure they got some promotion out of it. I would have rather seen Cole show up at NXT unannounced and resume the rivalry that way. Then, everyone would know it was a work but it would have also provided a surprise. With WWE having closed TV tapings, it is the perfect time to execute such a move. It does look like McAfee could have a match with Cole at TakeOver XXX on August 22 during SummerSlam weekend.

This is an offbeat question but how does a wrestler hide under the ring?

Hornswoggle was one wrestler who was known for making surprise appearances from under the ring. He did an interview recently with Instinct Culture where he talked about how much he loved doing it. He would have monitor under there and a pad where he could sleep. The longest he was under the ring was seven hours. Sometimes he would even put his ring gear on under there, while he would also play on his phone or his PSP. The only thing he didn’t have was a bathroom. However, to answer your question, the talent either must hide when the lights go out or before the doors open. Obviously it would be easier right now with the closed tapings but likely not near as effective without a live audience.

Is Dexter Lumis’s ankle injury a shoot?

We are under the impression Dexter Lumis is legitimately injured, which is why he was removed from the NXT North American Championship Ladder match at TakeOver XXX.

Do you think CM Punk would have a significant impact if he were to return to WWE at this point? Also, what are your thoughts on him “loving” Raw Underground.

CM Punk had the opportunity several years ago to return to WWE when Vince McMahon was essentially willing to give him whatever he wanted. He didn’t do it. Obviously Punk would have an impact if he would come back but it has been over six years and he has carved out a nice career for himself out of the ring [and octagon for that matter]. CM Punk’s work with FOX is nice to see with him actively following WWE again but this will be one of those things we will always look back and say ‘what could have been.’ As for Punk putting over Raw Underground, he doesn’t care to call out WWE so he must have really liked it. I am taking a ‘wait and see’ approach, while there are plenty of people blasting it due to the blatant anti-WWE bias. People are talking about it, even if they are criticizing it, so Vince accomplished something with the segments.

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