Why AJ Styles Hates Paul Heyman, SummerSlam Main Event Outcome, AEW Talent Going To WWE, Backlash For Orton

Why does AJ Styles have such disdain for Paul Heyman?

Paul Heyman has made his fair share of enemies in the business over the years but Styles’ disdain for him has to do with his friends Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson being released from WWE. Styles first found out about the release of Gallows and Anderson while they were taping the 2020 Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WWE HQ. Heyman apparently told AJ he had nothing to do with their releases. He even went as far as saying he would have fought for them to stay had he known they were on the chopping block. While this is what Paul told Styles, he reportedly pushed for their releases, including the idea they were too expensive. This is what caused Styles’ move back to SmackDown as he could not even stand to look at Heyman after that. If you are wondering what Vince McMahon thinks of Styles – he loves him. Vince wishes he would have signed AJ sooner and he is everything he wants in a talent.

Is it true Randy Orton will win the WWE Championship from Drew McIntyre at SummerSlam?

WWE plans to do Randy Orton vs. Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam. The program will start as soon as next week. Next week’s Monday Night Raw is already in the can but WWE is limiting leaks very well, so we cannot say for sure. In regards to who will win, that is a little premature. The company could ride Orton’s hot streak and get more heat on him with a victory of McIntyre. Or, they could use McIntyre to put an end to Orton. Arguments can be made for both sides and it will definitely be worth following.

How much damage do you think is done when a worker leaves WWE and goes to AEW. Could someone like Jon Moxley return to WWE?

In this business, we never say never. One could say Moxley would “never” return to WWE based on how frustrated he was towards the end of his run but the thing is, crazier things have happened. All companies and promotions are looking to acquire talent they know will draw so while it could create issues, at the end of the day, it is all about whether or not that person is a draw. If they are, there will always be interest.

What do you make of Randy Orton openly criticizing things in NXT like the leg slaps?

That is just Randy being Randy. It isn’t a storyline or a gimmick, it is just him being himself. Some people may feel that is disrespectful or arrogant or even mean but it is who he is. Orton is opinionated and sees things a certain way and he is protected at the level where there will not be any repercussions for it. So many people have a problem with it and get offended, it makes him a better heel. Orton is a natural heel and should never be booked as a babyface. As a heel, Orton is over like rover. Remember, the best gimmicks are real-life personalities turned up a few notches.

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