WrestleMania 37 Plans For Roman Reigns, NJPW Failing In US, CM Punk’s Missed Opportunity, Sting vs. Undertaker

I’ve read WWE wants Roman Reigns to face Jimmy Uso and then The Rock. Is there any truth to that?

I have heard the rumors and they sound believable. The current program between Roman Reigns and Jey Uso has been entertaining and has allowed the perfect slow burn to Roman’s heel turn. However, we cannot confirm them and The Rock is telling people he is finished wrestling. He will come back when he can for appearances but does not appear to be interested in wrestling at this time. Obviously that can change as no one truly retires from this business and Reigns is certainly an opponent one would think would entice him to return. However, if I had to pick a WrestleMania 37 opponent for Reigns on the first day of October, it would be Brock Lesnar.

Why do you think New Japan Pro Wrestling has been unable to land a new United States TV deal?

New Japan Pro Wrestling wants too much money. As reported here on WrestlingNews.com Insider, NJPW had discussions with Sinclair Broadcasting but they were not interested in paying a license fee for the show. NJPW was asking for top dollar and Sinclair only wanted to work out a deal where NJPW would be given a few minutes of commercial time to sell. Failing to land a new television deal was a big reason NJPW was not able to obtain their target profits and ultimately caused the resignation of Harold Meij.

I read what Roman Reigns said about CM Punk. He doesn’t like him and doesn’t know many people that do. Why is CM Punk so unlikable?

CM Punk has an abrasive personality. He is very opinionated and does not care to let his opinion be known. This can rub people the wrong way. My only issue with Punk is he left a ton of money on the table to return to WWE several years ago. When he walked out, Vince McMahon was willing to pay just about anything to get him back. It would have been huge for him and for WWE. Now his star has faded and he probably will never work for WWE again. I just can’t help but look back at the situation and wonder what could have been. Life is about more than money, obviously, but Punk had a chance to get just about anything he could have ever wanted.

Do you believe we’ll never get to see Sting vs. The Undertaker?

The Undertaker has talked about a dream match with Sting a lot lately while doing media rounds. The latest thing he said was on IGN’s YouTube channel, where he said a match against Sting looks much better on paper than it would have been. He said it is a match people will talk about forever. According to Undertaker, he and Sting never even discussed an actual match. I think both Sting and Undertaker are finished in the ring. Neither performer has anything left to prove and getting in the ring at this point is of no benefit to their respective legacies.

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