WrestleMania Postponed or Cancelled?

Later this week, the City of Tampa will be meeting to decide the fate of several upcoming large events, including WrestleMania:

This is on the heels of WWE issuing the following statement just last week about events:

“We remain committed to hosting WrestleMania at Raymond James Stadium on Sunday, April 5, and like other entertainment properties in the U.S., there are currently no plans to cancel or postpone our upcoming events.”

Unfortunately, WWE may not have a say in the decision if Tampa ultimately decides to postpone or cancel. The ramifications of this happening would be astronomical. Thousands travel to the U.S. every year from other countries, pouring millions in revenue into the local economy.

This comes on the heels on NJPW cancelling events in the near future:

Internally, WWE is holding meetings on the possibility of holding empty arena events. We will continue to closely follow and monitor this situation, including the result of Thursday’s meeting.


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