WWE & AEW Implement Medical Screenings For Talent

Both WWE and AEW have been testing their in-ring talent before allowing them to compete this week. These tests are simply for wellness, and not specifically for the coronavirus.

Jerry “The King” Lawler noted this week that those working Raw had their temperature checked before working. As a result, WWE issued the following statement:

“In consultation with WWE Medical Director Dr. Maroon, WWE Associate Medical Director Dr. Dugas and ringside physician Dr. Westerfield, as a best practice and precautionary measure all WWE performers and staff are required to participate in medical screenings prior to entering WWE’s training center, which is now operating as a closed set”

As for AEW, ProWrestlingSheet reports that a similar protocol was in place at Wednesday’s Dynamite taping in Jacksonville. According to the report, “talent got tested by a team of physicians yesterday before entering Daily’s Place.”

Similarly, only a certain amount of people could practice in the ring or be in catering and other frequented areas.


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