WWE Already Exploring Significant Change For NXT On USA Network

WWE has reached out to several bigger arenas to inquire about hosting live NXT tapings for the USA Network, according to Dave Meltzer.

All of the arenas contacted seat approximately 5,000 people, much more than the 400 capacity at Full Sail University. The goal is to take the show on the road beginning in January 2020.

Some feel Vince McMahon is already concerned that AEW’s Dynamite comes off as the bigger of the two Wednesday night shows. It also doesn’t help that Dynamite has drawn significant more viewers on cable television than NXT two weeks running.

It is also worth noting that when it was first learned WWE would be bringing NXT from their network to USA, it was believed the shows would be done outside of Full Sail University. When the official announcement came down, that wasn’t the case. The shows at Full Sail have done well, selling out very quickly, but the enthusiasm hasn’t translated to more people tuning in on Wednesday nights.


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