WWE Apparently Dropped Plans To Send Eric Young To NXT Following WrestleMania

Eric Young was one of many Superstars released from WWE back on April 15th. He was simply not used well on the main roster. It seems there were plans for him after WrestleMania, but they no longer took place.

Young spoke to David Penzar on Sitting Ringside, where he discussed his release from WWE. He said he was surprised he was not released earlier in the pandemic. He was not being allowed to work and made a lucrative amount of money for doing nothing. So it came as no surprise when he saw that he was released.

There were possible plans to bring Young back to NXT. Apparently, Triple H said the plans would take place after WrestleMania. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans were dropped.

Since then, Eric Young made his return to Impact Wrestling and is now their World Champion.


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