WWE Brings Matt Riddle’s Personal Life Into Storyline

Matt Riddle went over “King” Baron Corbin clean at last night’s WWE Payback pay-per-view, however, that was not the story coming out of the show.

The story was WWE incorporating aspects of Riddle’s past personal life into his character. Alyse Ashton interviewed Corbin backstage prior to the match where she brought up a tweet Corbin made earlier in the night. The tweet read as follows:

“Tonight, I prove that Matt Riddle is a failure in a WWE ring. By the way…he’s already proven that he’s a failure at home”

Riddle did not respond when asked in the interview.

Apparently the tweet was in reference Riddle’s infidelity, which he had already previously admitted to. The reason fans were critical, however, is Riddle was also accused of sexual assault and harassment by a woman named Candy Cartwright.

Riddle admitted to being unfaithful to his wife but denied the allegations in the following video last month:


WWE conducted an investigation and did not find any wrongdoing, thus Riddle’s call-up to the main roster happened and his push continues.


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