WWE Commentary Prohibited From Mentioning Chris Jericho Related Move

Chris Jericho parted ways with WWE a few years ago, and Vince McMahon did not take it the best way. Jericho was removed from WWE’s opening intro video and he has not been mentioned since then. One of his famous moves also seems to have banned from being mentioned.

Jericho introduced his Codebreaker move in 2008 and has used throughout his career. While many other wrestlers now use that move, it is not called the Codebreaker in WWE.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the term “Codebreaker” is still banned. This would explain why the WWE commentary team do not mention its name during shows. This was most notable during this week’s RAW, where Asuka hit the move.

“Asuka made a hot tag and hit a codebreaker, which, by the way, is a term the announcers are banned from using.”


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