WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (7/31/20) – AJ Styles Defends IC Title

Welcome to our live coverage of WWE Friday Night SmackDown. Here you will find live results of the broadcast that aired on FOX on Friday, July 31, 2020. This week’s show features AJ Styles defending the WWE Intercontinental Championship against Gran Metalik, Bayley defending the SmackDown Women’s Championship against Nikki Cross and Naomi vs. Lacey Evans. We will also see the return of Otis and the continuation of the love story with Mandy Rose. Our preview is located at this link.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (7/31/2020)
From the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, FL

News from SmackDown:

WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley and WWE Raw Women’s Champion Sasha Banks are show backstage, with Bayley talking up her title match. Opening videos of Nikki Cross with Alexa Bliss, Big E and The Miz and John Morrison laughing about his singles push. Lacey Evans and Naomi talked up their match, as did Gran Metalik and AJ Styles.

Cue the Firefly Funhouse. Bray Wyatt is sorry for being late, he was looking for Braun Strowman. They showed a clip from the Swamp Fight at The Horror Show at Extreme Rules. Wyatt never wanted to hurt Strowman, he wanted to help him. Cute SmackDown opening and Michael Cole and Corey Graves welcoming us in.

AJ Styles vs. Gran Metalik w/Lince Dorado for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. Greg Hamilton did in-ring introductions. Styles worked the left knee of Metalik. Metalik was able to counter and get a near fall after a missile dropkick. Styles was able to get the victory after hitting the Calf Crusher. Winner and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion, AJ Styles

King Corbin was shown backstage talking to Shorty G, he is still pushing the king’s ransom to take out Matt Riddle.

Roll a recap of the Bar Fight last wee between Jeff Hardy and Sheamus. We see Hardy walking backstage where he is hugged by talent, producers and a referee.

Jeff Hardy came out and talked about how he has not felt this good in a long time. Feuding with Sheamus has been a constant reminder of how dangerous his demons can be. He is an alcoholic, a loving father and a WWE Superstar. He never wants to let any of his fans down against.

King Corbin came out and states he is going to exposure if he had to keep listening to Hardy talk about his sobriety. Corbin took a shot at Drew Gulak and cut a heel promo. He said he would offer him a king’s ransom to take out Matt Riddle but doesn’t think he would take it. Corbin accuses Hardy of sitting in a circle talking about his problems. Gulak came out and attacked Corbin from behind.

King Corbin vs. Drew Gulak. The show returns from commercial with the match in progress. The action was back and forth with Gulak hiting some nice dropkicks and Corbin hitting a Deep Six. Matt Riddle’s music hit and he came out. Corbin got distracted, which allowed Gulak to put him in an inside crade for a two count. Corbin was able to shake it off in a counter and hit End of Days to get the pinfall victory. Winner, King Corbin.

After the match, Riddle went after Corbin. Shorty G came out and made the save, hitting Riddle with a Germal Suplex. He and Corbin left together.

Big E vs. The Miz w/John Morrison. Big E started by overpowering The Miz. Miz countered but E landed a series of suplexes and a running splash. Miz connected on a few running clohteslines but Big H caught him with an uranage slam. Near fall before interference from Morrison while the referee was distracted. Miz hit the Skull Crushing Finale. It wasn’t enough and he locked in the Figure Four. Big E broke the hold by making it to the ropes. Morrison tried to get involved again but was caught by the referee and ejected. The Miz argued, which allowed Big E to roll him up. Two count but Big E locked in a stretch muffler to make him tap. Winner, Big E

Backstage, Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro were shown drinking champagne. Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado came in but were told it is a champions only party.

Backstage, Sheamus was shown in the same outfit he wore for the bar fight. It was a mistake to fight Jeff Hardy in his natural environment. He accuses Hardy of having home field advantage. The alcohol fueled him even though it never touched his lips. Sheamus said Hardy is no longer his problem anymore and that is bad news for the Smackdown locker room because he is there problem now.

Naomi vs. Lacey Evans. Prior to the match, Evans got on the mic and mocked #NaomiDeservesBetter. There was a confrontation outside of the ring. Naomi botched a sliding sunset bomb in the ring. Evans tried to tie Naomi’s hair to the ropes. Naomi dodged a Woman’s Right and hit a backslide for the quick win. Winner, Naomi.

Backstage, Mandy Rose told Otis is has been a while since they had a proper date. She has made them reservations at his favorite BBQ restaurant. She teased dessert and they agreed to get ready and meet up again. Sonya Deville walked into the picture as the show went to commercial.

While Mandy was putting on lipstick, Sonya Deville attacked her. Deville smeared lipstick on Rose’s face and kicked her in the head. Deville then took scissors and started cutting Rose’s hair. Deville grabbed an electric razor but Adam Pearce, a producer, returned and had three referees with him and chased her off.

Backstage, Kayla Braxton provided an update on Mandy Rose. She is conscious and Otis and Tucker are with her. The Miz and John Morrison showed up and started making hair jokes. Tucker ran them off.

Bayley w/Sasha Banks vs. Nikki Cross w/Alexa Bliss for the WWE SmackDown Women’s Championship. Greg Hamilton did the formal in-ring introductions. Bayley has now held the title for 294 days. Cross came out agressive, running Bayley into the post and hitting a cross body block off the apron. Bayley fought back but ended up taking a tornado DDT from the middle rope and into a near fall. Sasha Banks tried to provide Bayley with the “Boss” ring but Cross threw it out. Cross continued to work over the champion. Banks got on the apron but Alexa Bliss pulled her off. Cross kicked Banks through the ropes. Cross got in more offense but Bayley rolled through on her and got a couple near falls of her own. Finally, Cross used a backslide but Bayley coutnered by slamming Cross’s face into the mat and pinned her for the victory. Winner and STILL WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion, Bayley.

After, Banks and Bayley headed for the stage with their hardware while Bliss tended to Cross in the ring.

The lights went out and when they came back up the lighting was red and The Fiend was standing behind Bliss in the ring. He circled her, got down on his knees and went face-to-face with her. The Fiend held up his hand to a terrified Bliss. He then applied the Mandible Claw on Bliss to end the show.


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