WWE Is Expecting To Hire All Furloughed Employees By End Of 2020

WWE let go of over one hundred employees on April 15th. This included WWE Superstars, producers, writers and other members of staff. Some of the released employees found work elsewhere. A portion of the employees was furloughed and it seems they might be coming back soon.

During WWE’s third quarter 2020 investors call, WWE President & Chief Revenue Officer, Nick Khan stated that the company expects to hire back all the furloughed employees by the end of this year.

It was also noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that this will make up “25%” of WWE’s total capacity of workers. They have already brought back a few employees. They have also told former employees such as Gerald Brisco that his services are no longer required.

Owing to WWE earning a huge profit for the last quarter, we will have to see whether all the furloughed employees will be coming back.


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