WWE NXT Star Has Heat Over Twitter Outburst

Matt Riddle could have backstage heat on Twitter for calling out other NXT Superstars who didn’t give him a ride to work.

“This message is for all the pieces of trash, hags, and whatever other word you want to call them that couldn’t give me a ride today because their cars were too full with so much talent,” Riddle said in a video posted on Twitter. “I hate you all. You’re garbage. Bye.”

Tommasco Ciampa replied by tweeting, “The boys shall police themselves. Aka go fuck yourself.”

Riddle replied, “He said the ‘F word’ so this must be real.”


WWE officials are very well aware of Riddle’s behavior on social media but it isn’t seen as that big of a deal. The use of Twitter and workers speaking their mind has changed significantly since 2016.


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