WWE Releases Luke Harper

WWE is granting releases today of talent who have previously requested to be released, only to have those requests denied.

We reported earlier here on WrestlePages.com that Sin Cara has officially been granted his release, now the same can be said for Luke Harper. The company made his release official:

Harper’s frustration with WWE has been well documented since he made a surprise return to the company at Clash of Champions. After initially venting about WWE merchandise and accusing the company of stealing a t-shirt design from one of his friends for a Wyatt Family t-shirt, he recently wrote on his Twitter bio they threatened to fine him.

We noted last month here on WrestlePages.com that the former Wyatt Family member applied for the registration of the trademark for the name Brodie Lee on Nov. 26, 2019. The trademark usage is for “entertainment services, namely, wrestling exhibits and performances by a professional wrestler and entertainer.”

Harper wrestled as Brodie Lee on the independent circuit before signing with WWE in 2012. The company added time to his deal due to time missed due to injury. It was set to expire in early 2020.


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