WWE Star Annoyed Over SummerSlam, Virtual Fan Issues, Keith Lee’s Disappointing Debut, Moxley/NJPW Issues

Is there a reason Alexa Bliss was left at home for SummerSlam?

Word going around at Raw was Alexa Bliss was originally scheduled to be involved at SummerSlam but the return of Roman Reigns bumped her off. The thinking was having two outside parties involved would be too much and they wanted to get Roman back into the WWE Universal Championship picture as soon as possible. As we have already noted here at WrestlingNews.com, Reigns was supposed to win the title at WrestleMania 36 from Goldberg before opting out due to COVID-19. There is still a good chance he wins the WWE Universal Championship sooner than later, however, I have not heard anything about the result for the match at WWE Payback on Sunday. As for Bliss, she was clearly annoyed about being left off SummerSlam but there are a lot of moving parts to this storyline right now.

How does WWE plan to deal with issues involving virtual fans following the incident with Chris Benoit being featured “in the crowd” at Raw?

WWE is still working out the kinks with the virtual audience and will look to tighten things up after a photo of Chris Benoit was featured on one of the screens during this week’s Raw. There have been other disturbing visuals that come from fans whose intent is only to disrupt. WWE may have to look at charging some type of fee in order to prevent such incidents from happening. If they do that, the fan is at least on the hook for more than just getting kicked off. They could probably make some decent revenue as well. For now, you can signup for free at WWEThunderDome.com.

With Jon Moxley currently holding the IWGP United States Championship, does he have a deal to compete with New Japan Pro Wrestling?

Jon Moxley does not have a deal with New Japan Pro Wrestling and is only under contract with All Elite Wrestling. He will have to come to an agreement to defend the title, which is why little mention was made of him holding the title throughout the tournament on NJPW Strong. The No. 1 contender should be KENTA but he may be challenged by Jeff Cobb in the meantime. Moxley’s entire post-WWE run in New Japan Pro Wrestling was done on a verbal agreement.

Here we go again. Keith Lee drops the NXT title and comes to Raw for a forgettable debut as Randy Orton is still feuding with Drew McIntyre. Is this as bad as I think?

This week’s Raw was not a good time to be making a main roster debut so timing was against Keith Lee more than anything else. This was a bridge episode of Raw between SummerSlam and a pay-per-view in Payback the company just decided to do. His debut was underwhelming. His match was thrown out, he came out to generic entrance music and he was largely just “there.” WWE did announce Lee vs. Randy Orton for Payback but I cannot imagine a scenario where Lees pins Orton. We will see if it will shed him in a more favorable light but I was disappointed with his main roster debut.

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