WWE SummerSlam: Drew MyIntyre vs. Randy Orton For WWE Title

WWE Championship Match
– Drew McIntyre (c) vs. Randy Orton

In a pre-tape prior to the match, Shawn Michaels says he hopes Drew McIntyre gives Randy Orton a Claymore upside the head.

The start:

Drew McIntyre goes right after Randy Orton but he tells him to back off. Randy kicks the Champion in the midsection and slides right out of the ring. The virtual fans boo as McIntyre follows. Randy makes it clear he wants the pace of the match in his favor.

Mid-match notes:

Randy gets McIntyre back in the ring and goes for the RKO. He doesn’t get it but he tries again. McIntyre is frustrated and goes to the outside to regroup. McIntyre gets back in and backs Randy into the corner with big bombs. He goes for a Claymore and Randy attempts another RKO. He throws McIntyre back into the post and to the outside.

Randy throws McIntyre shoulder-first into the barricade. Face first off the announce desk and face first in to the post. Face-first into the announce desk again. And again as he drops the Champion on the announce desk. Randy quickly recognized and reacted to the vulnerability of the Champion. He slams McIntyre back into the announce desk. The double count out continues from the referee.

Snap suplex from Orton onto McIntyre. The count is six as Orton gets McIntyre back in for a quick cover. Headlock from Orton onto McIntyre, as he works to get out. Orton wrenches back on the headlock. Orton releases and stomps away on McIntyre. Orton buries a boot to the abdomen of McIntyre.

Randy kicks him in the face, as he aims to make McIntyre feel like he is out of his league. Orton pose and he gets heat from the virtual fans. McIntyre counters with shots to Orton’s midsection but Orton counters. They go back and forth but McIntyre hits a critical shot to the Challenger’s knee. An innovative knee breaker. Orton counters by working McIntyre’s knee. Randy grabs McIntyre by the hair and punches with his right hand.

Out of nowhere McIntyre, lands a spinebuster on Orton. McIntyre locks in the Figure Four leglock on Orton. Randy tries to fight it off but McIntyre locks it in. Randy sells as the referee checks on him. Orton is writhing in pain and even gets his shoulders on the mat for a count at one point. McIntyre punches Orton, he’s got a cut in-between his eyes. Orton rakes McIntyre right in the eyes to break the hold. The referee is showing a lot of leniency as Orton grabbed him so he did not see it.

McIntyre levels Orton with a chop to the chest. Both workers are down in the ring. McIntyre has visible damage to his left eye, some blood and all. They exchange blows with Randy landing a series of uppercuts. Both are on their feet now as they exchanges kicks and punches.

McIntyre hits a series of clotheslines as Randy attempted the RKO again. Overhead belly-to-belly. He launches Orton down. Drew McIntyre has come alive in this WWE Championship match! McIntyre climbs to the top turnbuckle. Flying clothesline from McIntyre onto Orton. They’re both down but McIntyre jumps up and taunts the camera. The Champion is owning the moment. McIntyre sends Orton’s head face-first off the turnbuckle. He follows with a chop and climbs up to the top. One shot and he locks in for a superplex but Orton uses headbutts to fight him off.

McIntyre falls to tree of woe position. Randy is busted open from his forehead. He’s on the top rope and thrown to the mat. McIntyre gets a near fall. Both men are now spent. McIntyre hits a future shock DDT and gets a two count. McIntyre puts Orton on his shoulders but Randy escapes.

McIntyre hits a big right and goes to the top rope. He goes off but nobody home. Orton with a big powerslam and a two count. Orton goes for a DDT but McIntyre fights him off and clotheslines the Challenger to the outside. The referee has gloves on since both are bleeding.

McIntyre back into the ring and the Apex Predator hits a huge DDT. The announcers question if that is enough to put the Champion away. Orton stands over McIntyre. He is looking for the punt kick. He goes for it but walks right into a powerbomb.

The finish:

McIntyre waits for Orton to get up and goes for the Claymore but Orton dodges it. McIntyre hits a backslide and pins Orton for the three count.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion, Drew McIntyre

After the match, McIntyre says this isn’t yours and it isn’t mine, it’s everybody’s!

McIntyre poses with the belt on the top rope to the pop of the virtual audience.


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