WWE Superstars Are ‘Livid’ Due To WWE Taking Over Cameo & Twitch Accounts

Vince McMahon informed WWE Superstars that the company will be taking over their Twitch and Cameo accounts. He gave them four weeks to go along with this decision, else they might be fined or even released.

Several Superstars thought Twitch would be exempted from this as WWE allowed them to use their legal names. However, it seems that was not the case.

Many Superstars are reportedly upset at WWE’s decision to take over their accounts. According to a report by Wrestling Observer Newsletter, one WWE Superstar was quoted to say the following: “This is amazing because it’s really going to open up the independent contractor issue. All these smart attorneys surrounding Vince and this is the battle he wants?”

The Superstar also revealed that several talents were livid, but that is usually the case in situations such as these. As nobody would speak up about it.

It was also mentioned that AJ Styles’ Twitch account could have caused WWE to make this decision. His son admitting he did not watch WWE and Styles revealing he had tested positive for the coronavirus in the past might have attributed to the fact.


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