WWE To Have An Event In India

WWE is currently planning on having an event in India in 2021. However, no WWE Superstars will be coming as the company plans on finding the next big Indian Superstar.

During WWE’s 3rd quarter financial call, Nick Khan revealed that WWE will be going to India in 2021 for a joint event with Sony. The main goal will be to find their next Indian Superstar.

“We’re excited to now be working with our content partner in India, Sony, on a 2021 event that will primarily feature our developing Indian superstars.”

“That event will air in India on the Sony platforms and will also be distributed domestically in the United States. We believe partnerships like this are the best way to build engagement and to maximize the value of content for our international distribution partners and our fans.”

The date for the event was not revealed. Nick Khan added that they will be “surgical and strategic” with this venture as they plan on finding a Superstar who resonates with the Indian audience.

“We simply want to be surgical and strategic with it. So for the Indian Superstar event that we’re doing with Sony in 2021, we look at all angles on that. We have to make sure it’s the right talent that will resonate in India. We have to make sure that the cost structure of the event is something that will resonate for our business and Sony’s business. So it’s simply taking a deep dive into each and every one of these events. There will be more of them and making sure that it makes sense for all parties involved.”


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