WWE To Possibly Decrease Amount Of Live Events

There has been talk lately within WWE about decreasing the amount of live event dates and running more joint shows, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Just last weekend WWE canceled all of their Smackdown live events due to poor advance ticket sales and the fact they wanted certain talent available for RAW on Monday. The idea is more fans would attend if they had fewer shows with stars from both RAW and Smackdown, also eliminating shows that do poorly at the gate.

Quarterly attendance numbers for live events are something investors look at every quarter and just dropping down from 60 to 52 would provide allow the company to cut eight poorly performing shows and potentially boost pay-per-views and live episodes of Monday Night RAW.

Richard Reacts: One of Vince McMahon’s biggest problems has been product over saturation. I used to preach it years ago when there was much less content than there is today. The fact of the matter is there are simply too many shows and not enough talent for people to sell out every show. Any decrease in live events could also help company morale, lower costs and lessen concerns of burnout (both by worker and the consumer).

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