WWE To Take Ownership Of Superstar Twitch Accounts In Four Weeks

WWE put forward a rule that prevents Superstars from using third party sites such as Pro Wrestling Tees and Cameo for making money. Twitch was seemingly fine as long as the Superstars used their real name and got permission beforehand. However, WWE did not specify they will be allowed to own their channels.

According to a report by Wrestling Inc, Superstars received an email from Vince McMahon, where they were informed that they have until October 2nd to “sever any unauthorized business relationship with third parties.” If any Superstar does not act accordingly, they will be fined, suspended, or fired.

The company also relayed the news that their Twitch accounts will be taken over by WWE in four weeks. The accounts will be owned by WWE and  Superstars will “receive a percentage of the revenue” and the money will be counted against their downside guarantees.


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