WWE’s Ban On Third Party Platforms Affect Women WWE Superstars More

WWE released Zelina Vega from her contract on Friday. She was released owing to WWE’s ban on third party platforms. She was upset at WWE taking ownership of her Twitch account and she opened an OnlyFans shortly after the company’s ban took place.

During Figure Four Daily, Lance Storm talked about this problem. He said that Vega was possibly earning a lot more money from the third party platforms, especially due to the fact that WWE’s touring schedule was removed.

Bonuses for house shows and other merchandise money from live events are no longer a valid option. Vega was regaining her lost income, which several other Superstars did as well. He then said this is a bigger problem for women WWE Superstars as they have historically earned less compared to men. While the situation is better now, they still do not make nearly as much as the male WWE Superstars.

“I’ve heard the numbers of what some of the women are making now, and they are certainly above a lot of the downside guarantees that a lot of the men were making when I was there, so the situation has improved a lot. I would imagine that the top ten men, especially now that Ronda [Rousey] is gone all out earn the top one woman.”


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