WWE’s Full Contract With Amway Center, PPV After Payback, Cost

WWE’s contract with the Amway Center for the ThunderDome has been posted online at this link. Below are some highlights:

The deal is from Aug. 14, 2020 to Oct. 31, 2020 unless the deal is mutually agreed upon to extend or shorten the end date with at least two weeks notice. Events during that time frame are every Monday (Raw), Friday (SmackDown) and additional Sunday night events on August 23 (SummerSlam), August 30 (Payback) and September 27 (TBA).

WWE is paying $12,500 for Sunday events, $10,000 for Monday and Friday events at $7,500 for any date they are working on the premises. Additionally, they will pay $2,500 for dark days, which are days where no work by WWE is being done inside the building.


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