WWE’s Next Big Return, SummerSlam Reactions, Sonya Deville’s Future, AEW’s Weak Women’s Division

Now that Roman Reigns is back, when can we expect Charlotte Flair? It has to be soon, right?

There is not a certain date for Charlotte Flair’s return to WWE but company officials are expecting her before the end of the year. Originally, it was believed she would be back by SummerSlam, which obviously did not happen. We can confirm Charlotte is anxiously awaiting her return as she recovers from a surgery. She wants to be out there and will be back soon enough. As for the return of Roman Reigns, WWE obviously plans to insert him right into the mix for the WWE Universal Championship. He will program with Bray Wyatt.

What were your thoughts on SummerSlam?

SummerSlam was a good show. The WWE ThunderDome gave the show a much better atmosphere than recent pay-per-views and we saw some really good matches. My only complaint with the entire show was Randy Orton getting rolled up by Drew McIntyre. I said in Friday’s Ask WNC that it would be a mistake for Orton to go under clean. While a roll-up isn’t the cleanest of finishes it is a clean pinfall. Orton is too hot right now and should not be getting pinned. I understand the argument the win helps establish McIntyre but after having Orton run through the legends, he should have been able to handle McIntyre.

What is next for Sonya Deville now that her “WWE career is over?”

WWE changed the stipulation to Sonya Deville vs. Mandy Rose on SmackDown so they clearly wanted to write Deville out of storylines. No one knows why yet but there has been plenty of speculation. The bottom-line is Deville remains employed by WWE and obviously has been through a traumatic event that will include a legal case against her stalker. Whether they repackage her gimmick or just give her a couple weeks off remains to be seen. I can confirm WWE changed from the Hair vs. Hair match to the Loser Leaves WWE as a direct result of the incident the weekend prior. But there is no use to speculate on something we will find out soon enough.

Did you have any specific thoughts on Mr. Brodie Lee dismissing Cody for the TNT Championship on AEW Dynamite over the weekend?

AEW wanted a big angle to close out this week’s special Saturday night episode of Dynamite and got it by building Mr. Brodie Lee up over Cody. I thought it was good TV as they look to to establish Lee in the company. The loss does not hurt Cody and will help the promotion in the long-term. Right now my biggest knock on AEW is their women’s division. The finals of the AEW Women’s Tag Team Cup Tournament were nearly unwatchable.

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