Xia Li Reportedly Upset After She Was Pulled From Event, Complained To Triple H

As reported earlier, Xia Li was set to compete in her first match in amateur kickboxing. However, she did not tell WWE about this and the company came to know of it by reading online.

According to a report by Fightful Select, WWE had no knowledge of the fight until everyone else came to know of it. It was revealed during an interview with the event’s promoter.

WWE then pulled her from the event and Xia Li was seemingly upset at this decision. While others understood why she was removed, Li did not and thought “WWE wasn’t giving her respect.”

Several people also said that Xia Li has “grown frustrated from not being used much on NXT TV after years with the company.” She directly went to Triple H and let him know what was wrong.

She spoke her mind to Triple H. While exact details of the conversation are not known, it was said that Triple H “appreciated the initiative.” Xia Li was also “adamant” she could “hold her own” if given an opportunity in NXT.


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