About Us

A note from owner/webmaster Richard Gray…

In September 1999, I had the dream of starting my own professional wrestling news website. My journey began at a small website called 4CornersWrestling.com where I learned the ropes. In January 2000, with my identical twin brother, Ryan Gray, we founded Wrestling Unlimited at WCWWWF.com. The website was an instant success, evolving to 8,000 unique visitors per day within six months.

In November 2002, Wrestling Unlimited was moved to WrestlingUnlimited.com, where the success continued. In February 2003, I acquired WrestlingNewsWorld.com, which was already doing a steady 15,000 unique visitors a day. In June 2007, my brother and I decided to take our part-time hobby and dream to a full time career.

WrestlingNewsWorld.com evolved into one of the most respected and largest professional wrestling websites on the internet, serving over 100,000 unique visitors daily. In 2012, Bleacher Report named it as one of “the big four” websites to find to credible WWE news. I ran Wrestling News World until February 2017, when I sold the website to pursue an offline career.

In June 2020, I was able to successfully acquire the domain WrestlingNews.com, the most sought after wrestling news domain in the world. It was after successfully acquiring this name, I decided to return to the professional wrestling business full-time.

Our Mission

What you will find at WrestlingNews.com is credible professional wrestling news, acquired first-hand from sources within the business. Everything we write is checked for accuracy and presented without bias. We have opinions here at WrestlingNews.com but we are NOT bias to a particular promotion or promoter. We function as a source for professional wrestling fans to get accurate news in a timely manner.

Thank you for visiting and please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns.