AEW Not Planning To Hire Writers – Details On WWE Doing Unscripted Promos On RAW

Dave Meltzer believes AEW is not going to hire writers for their weekly television on TNT. Instead, the plan will be to put shows together with a basic format and have talent use bullet points.

According to Meltzer, it will be wrestlers coming up with storylines and going out on live television to cut promos. They’ll know their bullet points and can memorize their promos if they want but there will not be any word-for-word scripting.

Meltzer notes several promos on this week’s RAW were not scripted word-for-word. It’s unknown if WWE is simply trying out the AEW plan before it’s implemented or just trying to deliver a more realistic show. If there’s one thing though about the pro wrestling business, it’s that it’s a copycat world and whatever works, is what is done.