AEW Under Investigation

AEW is currently under investigation by the Maryland State Athletic Commission regarding the Moxley vs. Omega match at Full Gear. According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, former WCW announcer Chris Cruise contacted the Commission regarding blading and matches continuing once blood is introduced into a match, regardless if intended or not, and if a doctor was present at the show.

After several inquiries, Cruise got a response from the Commission stating that the use of human and/or animal blood during a match is prohibited, intentionally causing oneself or an opponent to bleed via blading is prohibited, and a doctor was present at the event. The commission is standing on the ground that blading was not used in the match and added human and/or animal blood was not used.

The Commission could not comment further because they are opening a formal investigation into the event itself, as that wasn’t the only spot that involved heavy bleeding. Cody Rhodes was also busted open above his eye, which required several stitches and missing 2 weeks of in ring action. In that match, the doctor checked on Cody and cleared him to continue. It is also important to note that gash was definitely not caused by blading.

The question that is being raised by not just AEW, but the general public is that if the Commission has already stated that nothing at the event went against regulations, then what exactly are they investigating? This all honestly seems like an attempt by a disgruntled ex-WCW employee that is simply trying to start trouble.


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