AEW’s Next World Champ, Mysterio’s Timetable, Heyman’s Current Role, Is Raw Superstar’s Career Over?

Should Jon Moxley have dropped the AEW World Championship at All Out? I feel like he’s losing momentum.

All Elite Wrestling is committed to long title reigns, operating under the philosophy longer title reigns build prestige to the title. It is sound wrestling logic, especially when you consider this is a new title with no history. I like the fact they have only had two world champions, so it will be a bigger rub for the next person that wins it. MJF was not the right person to take the belt off Moxley. It could happen later down the right but he has a ways to go. AEW is a new promotion and they need a well-known champion. If I were to hand pick their next champion it would be Kenny Omega. He is long overdue a push as a singles performer. It will happen but I think he would be the perfect guy to hold the title.

How long will Rey Mysterio be out?

The preliminary timetable is three months for Rey Mysterio’s return from a torn triceps. This is because he opted against doing surgery to repair the injury and is taking the conservative approach. As reported here on, he recently had a platelet-rich plasma injection in his injured triceps.

What is the status of Paul Heyman in WWE after being removed as Executive Director of Monday Night Raw?

Paul Heyman has a Performer’s Contract within WWE to remain as an on-air talent. His role within WWE has fluctuated over the years because he and Vince McMahon cannot co-exist long from a creative standpoint. I don’t know if he is doing any creative consulting at the moment but it is probably too soon for any of that. He could have a say in some of the stuff he is doing with Roman Reigns but I would not say he has much say in anything else at this time.

Is Samoa Joe effectively retired from in-ring competition?

Samoa Joe is still not medically cleared to wrestle following a concussion he suffered during the filming of a commercial for Raw back in February. He has transitioned to the broadcast team full-time and right now it is anyone’s guess when (or if) he will return to the ring. I think I speak for the majority of the fan base in that Joe is too young to hang it up but health comes first and we will hope for the best. Officials have been pleased with his work on the Raw broadcast team.

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