Aleister Black Apparently Requested He Be Moved To NXT

Zelina Vega was fired by WWE as she did not adhere to WWE’s regulations regarding the ban on third party sites. Since then several fans have been thinking if her husband Aleister Black will continue to work in the company or not. It seems Black had made an interesting request to WWE.

According to a report by Wrestle Votes, there is “dissension” among all parties with regards to Zelina Vega’s situation. Black had sent a request to WWE, where he stated that he be moved to NXT but WWE denied his request.

There’s a bit more behind the scenes to the Zelina Vega release. Frustration from both sides is an understatement. While it can’t be directly tied to today’s news, Aleister Black recently requested to move back to NXT and was denied. Dissension amongst the parties involved.

It was also noted that Black requesting his return to NXT was not related to Zelina Vega’s release from the company.


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