Alundra Blayze & Lance Storm Offended Over Raw Underground Dancers

Alundra Blayze, formerly known as Madusa, was offended over the dancers that were part of the Raw Underground segment.

“SO? We are bringing back half naked women in the same breath of promoting the evolution and equality of women? Yes this is entertainment yes this is a skit yes this is acting yes these are wrestlers why resort to women sexually dancing opening a show? Why not Men in speedos?,” she tweeted.

Former WWE producer Lance Storm agreed with her.

“I agree with your point completely. I will pop huge tonight though if they do a women’s Underground and have 3 Chip and Dale type dancers. If you’re going to do eye candy and least do it for everyone. #equality,” Storm replied.

Blaze is currently doing work for All Elite Wrestling. We gave some more thoughts on this in today’s installment of Ask WNC, exclusive to Insiders, at this link.

The original tweets are below:


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