Another AEW Wrestler Reveals Positive COVID-19 Test

All Elite Wrestling is currently dealing with a COVID-19 outbreak that impacted last night’s episode of Dynamite.

Ben Carter revealed this morning on Twitter he has tested positive for the virus. He also noted AEW carries out strict testing and he tested negative each time he worked for them. He believes he contracted the virus outside of working for AEW.

“I have tested positive for COVID-19.

Man. You literally can’t write it,” Carter wrote. “After this Tuesday I was on an all time high… and to be honest, I kinda still am. The outpouring of support recently has been utterly mind blowing and I can’t thank everyone enough.

Having said that, I had some really cool things lined up in the coming weeks that I now have to back out of. All of which really stings.

But hey, I feel fine. I guess I don’t really taste my food as much as I normally do, but I feel fine. For now anyways.”


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