Backstage News On Jordan Myles Requesting WWE Release In Bizarre Tirade

Jordan Myles made headlines this week for posting an expletive-laced video on his Twitter account where he claimed to quit WWE over racism. It was released on the heels over his unhappiness with his official t-shirt, which he claimed was created in racism.

WWE immediately removed the t-shirt from WWE Shop as soon as Myles complained and it’s believed no units were ever sold. Apparently WWE tried to resolve the issue internally before Myles took it public. This is about the time he vanished from the WWE Performance Center for weeks, with no one knowing about his status or whereabouts.

Myles now wants to go by his original name from the indies – “Super” ACH. In his video, he stated that Myles was his “slave” name and he no longer wished to be called that. It’s believed Myles himself chose that name, which he began using back in June.

It isn’t known at this point if WWE will grant Myles his release. He’s already reached out to an unknown promotion about an appearance, which won’t be possible for as long as he remains under WWE contract.

WWE put Myles over in the first NXT Breakout Tournament, which earned him a shot at Adam Cole for the NXT Championship. He lost in the main event of the first episode of NXT on the USA Network.

Myles signed with WWE back in February and debuted in March. He competed in the WWE Worlds Collide special during WrestleMania 35 Weekend and made his television debut on 7/10 in the first round of the Breakout tournament.

Source: Dave Meltzer


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