Backstage News On Keith Lee’s Botched Debut On WWE Raw

There is a lot of discussion surrounding Keith Lee headed into his match against Randy Orton at WWE Packback on Sunday.

WWE botched Lee’s debut on last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw. The company brought him in with generic theme music and ring attire and paired him in a forgettable match against Randy Orton. The match ended when Drew McIntyre pulled Orton out of the ring.

Lee has been dealing with criticism from his debut all week. He even took to Twitter to tell fans music is out of his hands. Lee urged fans to have patience.

Some believe WWE wants Lee as a top babyface on the Raw brand but it sure did not feel like it on Monday. It is no secret that Vince McMahon does not view NXT success as a main roster success.  He often demands accomplished NXT talent capture his attention before they are booked with any type of promise.

Lee is currently favored -170 over Orton +130 in their match tonight at Payback.  Stay tuned to for the latest.


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