Bray Wyatt Blames Cody Rhodes For Failed WWE Gimmick

Bray Wyatt said his former Husky Harris gimmick destroyed him and he blamed Cody Rhodes for it.

“Hey @WWEBrayWyatt you ever heard of this wannabe? Sure is husky…and a little sexy,” a fan Tweeted at him with a picture of Husky Harris.

“@CodyRhodes did that,” Wyatt responded. “He was his partner. He trusted him. He was ridiculed in front of the world, for someone else’s failed attempt at fame. It destroyed him. And from his ashes a butterfly was born. But the memory remains.”

Wyatt, whose real name is Windham Rotunda, quickly climbed WWE’s developmental ranks in Florida Championship Wrestling in 2009-2010. In June 2010, WWE brought him to television under their former NXT brand where they named him Husky Harris and paired him with Cody Rhodes as his WWE Pro.

The gimmick predictably flopped and WWE repackaged Wyatt to the Bray Wyatt character in April 2012.

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