Is WWE Bringing Back Nation Of Domination?, Top WWE Star’s Future In Limbo, Who WON’T Headline WrestleMania 37, Untimely Release

Is it true WWE is considering bringing back The Nation of Domination?

Talk of bringing back the Nation of Domination has come and gone over the years in WWE, with it picking up steam lately. Ron Simmons was brought to TV this week with the idea of doing something with Lashley, MVP and Shelton Benjamin. We saw some interaction on this week’s Raw, but not a full-fledged return of the Nation. The stable of MVP, Lashley and Shelton Benjamin was named The Hurt Business so maybe they will go forward with that for awhile. The Nation of Domination was led by Ron Simmons, as Farooq in 1996, and included The Rock as a member at one point.

I know you’ve written a lot about Rey Mysterio lately but what is the hold up in getting a contract done?

WWE wants to lock Rey Mysterio down for a few years but he wants a contract of a shorter duration. Mysterio also wants significant money and WWE is hesitant due to the current economic circumstances. Mysterio has a lot of leverage as he knows he is important to WWE and could have an alternative with All Elite Wrestling. There is confidence a deal is going to get done, which is why he has been allowed to work without a deal. As I have written multiple times, him “losing an eye” provides an opportunity for the company to write him off television but they left an out that he could retain his vision.

I recently read an interview by with The Miz with him saying he would quit if he did not headline WrestleMania 37. Is there even a chance of this happening?

It is very unlikely The Miz will headline WrestleMania 37. While he was once considered a main event level talent, his current role is more of what you can expect from The Miz moving forward. I do not see him quitting either though as he has a good deal and plenty of television time in the company. As mentioned, Vince McMahon likes Miz because of his look and personality and views him as an asset. The Miz is also one of those guys who has worked hard to work his way up and gain the respect of his peers. His goal is to headline WrestleMania 37 but I do not see anyway possible that happens, especially after the way he was booked in the program with Braun Strowman.

Why do you think things did not work out with Mike and Maria Kanellis in WWE?

Mike and Maria recently went on the ROH Strong podcast to talk about their time in WWE. There is some bad blood there as Mike dealt with substance abuse issues and is on record as to saying WWE did not give him any help or check on him in the slightest. It was basically up to Maria to help him and he credits her for his sobriety. They were also released two months after Maria gave birth this past April. Mike stated his gimmick was dead in the water after his debut at Money in the Bank in 2017. He is not wrong and essentially Vince McMahon just did not have plans for him. Mike had a limited run on SmackDown before going to Raw and then 205 Live. The couple is a prime example of creative having nothing for them but the timing of their release could not have been worse. However, their non-competes are over and they are free to work elsewhere.

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