Chad Gable Seemingly Has Many Backers Backstage On Smackdown

Chad Gable officially announced he will no longer be Shorty G after he lost to Lars Sullivan a couple of weeks ago on Friday Night SmackDown.

Gable was forced to adjust to the gimmick for a year and many fans believed that it only harmed his career. The change was something that Daniel Bryan, who has been working with creative, had been wanting since summer of this year.

According to various reports, it was said that there is currently some backstage pulling for pushing Gable. Some currently hope that Vince McMahon will finally take his character seriously. It was also said that McMahon sees Gable as “a tough guy” and admires all that he accomplished before pro wrestling.

It was also suggested that Vince McMahon did not mean any harm to Gable with the Shorty G gimmick. He thought it would benefit him in the long run but it did the opposite.


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