Clarification On DDP’s Status With AEW

Diamond Dallas Page clarified in an interview with that he does not have a contract with All Elite Wrestling.

“Again, I’m happy for all the guys. It’s a great way, great to have more guys be a part and someone like Cody Rhodes to be at the helm of this thing. I don’t charge them anything. I don’t have a contract with AEW. I don’t. I show up there. If WWE was to call me and say, ‘We want you to do something,’ I haven’t heard from them since I’ve done stuff from with AEW but I would do something for WWE tomorrow. I would if they asked me to do something because I’m not a contracted player, I’m doing stuff for Cody Rhodes because he’s like a nephew to me. Without him, without his dad, I wouldn’t have had the career I had.”


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