CM Punk Addresses WWE Return Rumors

CM Punk was on The Kevin & Bean Show this morning in Los Angeles.

During the appearance, he was asked directly about trying out for the WWE Backstage studio show on FS1, which premieres in November and will be hosted by Booker T and Renee Young.

“You mean to tell me you’d watch a show where I talk about wrestling?” Punk questioned h/t

“I think people have… it’s taken on a life of its own.”

Punk joked about not knowing what night SmackDown airs and talked about The Rock coming back for the FOX premiere. He stated he enjoys The Rock.

“If nothing happens, please don’t be mad at me,” Punk said in regards to a return.

When asked if he misses wrestling, Punk weighed in:

“I don’t miss wrestling, no. I guess maybe if I missed anything it would be performing, because there very much is a rush to your music hitting and going out, to be able to read a crowd and give them what you think they want, and not necessarily give the crowd what they want because as a performer, you almost have to be objective. … I always appreciated and enjoyed [telling a story],” he said.


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