CM Punk Confirms He Tried Out For WWE Backstage Studio Show

CM Punk finally admitted for the first time in public that he did indeed tryout for the new WWE Backstage studio show on FS1.

“Yeah I did it,” Punk confirmed during an appearance on Collider Live h/t “I’m very much in a position where, ‘Well come talk to me.’

While Punk stated he’s open to anything, that doesn’t necessarily including wrestling.

“If they come to me with, ‘Hey we want you to wrestle,’ I’ll say, ‘um, I’m not interested’.”

Punk talked about growing as a person since his WWE departure in 2014 and that he doesn’t need the confrontation and drama. He said he’s a businessman but he also puts his morals and integrity above business deals.

“I’m not dealing with anybody in WWE,” Punk said. “They explained to me what it was and I love Renee Young. Renee Young is a great person… she’s Canadian, so obviously she’s super over-the-top nice and friendly. I prefaced it with, ‘Guys, I’m not going to come in and dump all over stuff just to dump on it. That’s old Phil. But if it’s bad, I’m not going to be able to pretend it’s anything but bad.’

We have the interview embedded in the video above.


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