FTR Says Triple H ‘Tried Hard’ To Get FTR Back To NXT

FTR, known as The Revival in WWE had a great run in NXT. They had memorable feuds with teams such as American Alpha, Team #DIY and others. They eventually left the company after asking for their release.

FTR spoke to TalkSport, where they revealed that Triple H tried to make them return to WWE NXT. Dax Harwood said that Triple H “tried hard” to keep them in the company. While they appreciate his efforts, they simply had no interest in making a comeback.

“There were talks with us and Triple H to go back to NXT and they tried very hard to keep us. It was all professional and all respectful and we were very gracious to the offers we got and to what Triple H was going to provide for us, but ultimately, we knew that our time in WWE was over at that time. We knew it was time for us to move on because money is great, and I am so fortunate and lucky to take care of my beautiful wife and perfect little six year old daughter because of professional wrestling… If we stayed with the uncertainly that would have been for The Revival, we would have done a disservice to ourselves and professional wrestling. We never want to do that.”

Cash Wheeler mentioned that going back to NXT was an option when they were removed from all their main roster dates. Despite it being a tempting offer, they did not go for it as they wanted to move to bigger and better things.

“Once we got pulled from all of our dates on the main roster, it was down to NXT as the option and we talked to Hunter at length, there were offers on the table that were very tempting because we loved NXT and we loved our time there, but at the end of the day like Dax said, we knew that our time there was done. We didn’t want to go back to the past – we’d done that. We wanted to come here [AEW]. We wanted to travel the world. We wanted to be doing something that makes a difference and impacts wrestling for the better and there we were just going to be cogs in the machine.”


FTR lost the AEW World Tag Team Championships against The Young Bucks at AEW Full Gear.


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