FTR Have Begged Tony Khan For Match Against WWE Hall Of Famers

AEW certainly respects the rich history of professional wrestling and they have brought in several wrestling legends. FTR advocates old school tag team wrestling and it seems they have begged Tony Khan to face off against a WWE Hall Of Famer team, but it has not happened yet.

Dax Harwood spoke to Wrestle Talk, where he revealed that he and Cash Wheeler literally begged for a match against the Rock n Roll Express. It has yet to happen and no reason has been given for it not taking place. However, they are still optimistic.

“We’ve begged Tony [Khan]. Both of us have begged him multiple times to please book this match, please book this match”. He’s apprehensive and he has his reasons to be apprehensive. There could be backlash from the internet saying these guys are, because of COVID, maybe they’re more susceptible to the virus. There is backlash and there is reasons why he isn’t doing it yet. I understand that but man, FTR vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll is great on the marquee, but also the way that myself and Cash, and I’ve talked about it all the time, but the way that we wanna make people feel, that match would help us make people feel a certain way.

For whatever reason, and maybe it’s because he’s one of the greatest of all time, but people feel a certain way about Ricky Morton, and same thing with Cash and I, they have a certain way they feel about us, whether good or bad. That would help us evoke so much emotion… because if we got the chance to beat on Ricky Morton that would help our stock rise. You know, just the Spike Piledriver rose our stock so much more than a year of having great matches, and that would just help us so much if we can ever get that done.”